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Upcoming events will be posted here.

The type of networking events that the Energy Suppliers Association (ESA) organizes are focused on empowering energy industry stakeholders and facilitating development and growth in the sector.

  • Industry conferences: These events bring together energy industry professionals from a variety of sectors and at all levels of the industry, and typically feature keynote presentations, panel discussions, and networking opportunities.
  • Industry roundtables: These events bring together a smaller group of industry experts to discuss a specific topic or issue in depth, and often provide an opportunity for attendees to share their own experiences and perspectives.
  • Social events: These events are typically more casual and provide an opportunity for attendees to connect with one another in a less formal setting. Examples might include happy hours, networking lunches, or golf outings.
  • Industry tours: These events provide attendees with the opportunity to visit and learn about specific energy industry facilities or operations, and often include presentations and discussions with industry experts.